June 1, 2024



Catch a deep breath!
In many respects an extraordinary natural treasure!

The Krimml Waterfalls are 380m high and therefore the largest waterfalls in Europe. Moreover they are certified with the nature protection diploma of the Council of Europe. The special micro climate at the waterfalls benefits people and animals and was recommended by Medicus Wolfgang Oberlechner already in 1808 to sick people.

Numerous mosses, lichens and ferns grow in this spray mist and 62 bird species have their living environment there. This climate is also responsible for a unique cure impacts. The very tiny water drops are saturated with negatively charged ions and affect positively the immune system.

Surveys confirm the long term cure-effect

An international approved clinical survey with 54 children found that the extraordinary spray mist at the waterfalls leads to a long term improvement of allergies, especially when it comes to asthma. All persons concerned remained almost free of complaints for 4 months after their stay and the blood levels of the patients had improved. The results of the survey have been scientifically recognized and published by the Paracelsus Medical University of Salzburg.

Approved impact for allergy suffers

Another clinical survey of the Paracelsus Medical University of Salzburg has brought out that people with allergies like hayfever benefit from their stay at the Krimml Waterfalls within a short period of time. The airways are cleaned very fast because of the climate what means that the activity of the cilia increases and the annoying symptoms decline. Moreover the waterfalls cause a deep recreational condition: the heartbeat slows down and because of the better synchronisation of breathing and a higher tidal volume increases the oxygen concentration in the blood.