April 1, 2022



Experience pure thrills at the newly built highropes course with 55 stations including 15 new Zip-Lines (Flying Fox parcours)!

After schooling, you can start the adventure while straining your courage and your skill. The Highropes Course is a series of elements mounted on a group of tree trunks at heights of 10 to 15 meters. This ropes course is like an obstacle garden made up of ropes, tightropes and tree trunks that is completed in the same way as a race course. The high emotional tension is created by the height of the elements above the ground.

NEW: A spectacular finish with the 15 newly built Zip-Lines is guaranteed!

Special security for children with the Smart Belay!

If a carabiner is open, the other carabiner detects and blocks at product equitable use the opening mechanism until the first carabiner again is hooked and locked onto the safety rope. Inadvertent complete unhinging is practically impossible under proper use!

Duration of tour: approx. 2 hours

Minimum height: 110 cm - 130 cm with accompaniment of an adult, from 130 cm on unaccompanied
Equipment: Leisure clothing and suitable shoes (light climbing or trecking shoes)
Dates: In July and August open daily from 10 am till 5 pm, no appointment necessary. In May, June, September and October please only with appointment in the Berg aktiv office or at the tourist office.

Price with Zell-Gerlos ArenaScheck:

from € 30.- per person, from € 25.- for children up to 15 years

Prices for junior parcour (kidslines):

from € 20,00 per person, from € 18,00 for children up to 15 years

Information and registration:

Berg aktiv, Tel. 0043/(0)5284/5630